Analysis of high-end web site notes

八马彩票官网   With the rapid progress of the establishment of the station technology, people's understanding of the site has also changed a lot, the nature of the site's appeal is also higher. Micro website, APP, micro mall, enterprise website to people living products have emerged, as the saying goes: people go up, go to the low water flow, living standards improve, people's aesthetic level is the sublimation, so high-end website construction has become a popular website construction present chase.

  Compared to the ordinary high-end website construction sites have many differences, regardless of location or price, but one thing is the same, that is both to the user is used to see, just see this process is different, some people may be opened immediately turned off, while others will open the browse then choose to shut down or continue browsing!

  Not much nonsense said, today I Zhuo small notes for Han bring high-end website construction, hope to help you understand some matters needing attention the website construction. (high-end construction site bluntly above the price will be much higher, so the face is the main object of large enterprises and group companies, joint-stock companies and so on, why, they all have a common characteristic, are rich, ha ha!)

  The matters needing attention in the construction of high-end website include: the website interface design, the website picture use, the website code to simplify, the website provides the content

  First, the high-end web interface design

  The high-end website function is generally used to do business with the promotion, so the website interface design is very stylish, unlike the general satisfactory website design, website design is traditional that is more used to do SEO rankings, while the high-end website construction in this aspect is not considered too much, with the network the competition has become increasingly fierce, high-end web site in the interface design, the need to consider the SEO is also very wise


  Two, the use of high-end web image

  Every web site can not avoid the use of pictures, but inside this high-end website images is the most "trouble", as mentioned above, web page design is to fashion, which in a certain degree above the requirements of image not only the most important thing is to clear, so high-end web images used generally HD picture.

  We need to pay more attention to it, every one of us into their own or someone else's website is to page load, the loading speed is a part of our network speed, the other part is due to the size of the page decision, which said the page size including text, pictures wait for video, ask the size of the space. So now all the high-end small construction site, most web pages open very slowly, the user experience is not good, so we want to quickly open our page, the best way is to reduce page besides writing space size, shorten the page loading time, so this a block on the site at the beginning of the design to make the consideration!

  (note, we learned from a website compared to ordinary high-end web site to a certain extent in the search engine is slightly weaker, so each picture to add a alt attribute, is a good method for us, in addition to some content such as a list of products or news thumbnails unable to add their own alt, then the best early in the design of a unified keywords, add on our website the most difficult don't ask why, experience!)

  Three, the high-end web site code

  High-end web site code this need to have a certain technical ability of people to operate, high-end web site effects using JS or Flash technology more, low ability in writing a JS code execution time, easy logic confusion, although in the end can also write out and realize this function, but it takes a great part of the CPU, resulting in a waste of resources, and finally make web pages open slowly, and professional people in the most concise code to achieve the same function and is convenient for maintenance and so on, in this regard, the current small encountered code, on the one hand is redundant code are; on the other hand is some the code is empty; finally some related code, these three types of "occupy the entire large part, need to make a correct and timely treatment.

  High-end web content design

  Four, high-end web site to provide content

  As we said above, the most important is the site of high-end enterprise publicity, features: simple atmosphere and creative, so often do not have the text too much, while facing the current conditions of the network development, we must provide the requested information for users, users can love on our website we, how to deal with this part?

  Answer: graphic combination of pictures to reflect the web design ideas, compared to text easier to understand, but the necessary text is based, so that we can use pictures to represent complicated text, and the core content of words, so as to meet the needs of users, but also to meet the needs of search engine.


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